Welcome to our about us page. At crptix, we believe that everyone should have access to reliable and efficient cryptocurrency mining solutions. We understand that the process of mining cryptocurrency can be complex and time-consuming, which is why we have developed cutting-edge technologies to simplify the process and maximize your earnings. Our software and mining hardware have been developed by experts in the field to provide you with the best possible results. With crptix, you can finally have a reliable encryption multiplier that works as it should, enabling you to multiply your cryptocurrency and earn more from the comfort of your home or office. Join us today and discover the power of crptix for yourself.

Achievements from our platform

Developing Reliable Encryption Multiplier

Developing reliable encryption multiplier: Crptix has developed a reliable encryption multiplier that works as it should. This is an achievement in itself as the process of multiplying cryptocurrency can be complex and requires advanced technologies.

Providing All Mining Hardware Through Computer

Providing all mining hardware through computer: Crptix provides all the necessary mining hardware through users' computers, eliminating the need for expensive equipment and making the process more accessible.

Simplifying the Process of Cryptocurrency Mining

Simplifying the process of cryptocurrency mining: Cryptocurrency mining can be a complex and time-consuming process, but Crptix has developed cutting-edge technologies that simplify the process and enable users to mine cryptocurrency from their computer instantly.

Expertise in Mining Software Development

Expertise in mining software development: Crptix has developed specialized software for mining cryptocurrency that has been developed by experts in the field. This demonstrates a high level of expertise and knowledge in the area of cryptocurrency mining.

Enabling Users to Mine from Home or Company

Enabling users to mine from home or company: By providing users with the necessary software and hardware, Crptix has enabled individuals and companies to mine cryptocurrency from the comfort of their own home or office. This is an achievement in terms of accessibility and convenience.


Crptix is a reliable encryption multiplier that provides a real opportunity to multiply your cryptocurrency using their developed technologies for mining and obtaining software developed by crptix for mining from your home or company.

Crptix uses developed technologies for mining and obtaining software to provide all mining hardware through your computer instantly. This allows users to mine cryptocurrency from their home or company.

Yes, you can mine Bitcoin using crptix through their special program that connects you to their own machines.

With crptix’s special program, users can mine Bitcoin from their home in just one day.

Users can make over $50 by mining Bitcoin with crptix mining tool in 1 day also you can make more if you buy the machines and you do your remaining in your home or company.

No, you do not need a powerful computer to use crptix mining tool. Their program is designed to work on all types of computers, even weak ones, so that every user can get bitcoins.

Yes, crptix LTD is an integrated manufacturing and trading company for blockchain mining machine sales agents, graphics card sales, and cryptocurrency mining.

Yes, crptix offers support and assistance to users to ensure that they are able to use the platform effectively and efficiently.

As with any investment or mining operation, there is always some level of risk involved. However, crptix is a reliable encryption multiplier that uses developed technologies for mining and obtaining software to ensure the highest level of security and efficiency.

It is predicted that once the Lightning Network is fully implemented, the price of Bitcoin will surge to between $40000-$60000. Unlike in 2017 when it took several months for Bitcoin to increase by almost 1000%, this time it is expected to reach its destination much faster, with a potential 1000% increase in just 7-10 days. It is essential to have Bitcoins in your wallet before this happens as some Bitcoin exchangers have a reputation for engaging in dishonest business practices. When demand is high, they may not have sufficient stock to fulfill all orders, causing delays and potential losses. To avoid falling victim to such practices, it is advisable to purchase Bitcoins before the predicted price surge, which could result in a significant profit of up to +800%.

The minimum deposit amount on the online platform is 0.00099 BTC, and any amount lower than that will be refunded right away. Kindly provide your phone number along with the preferred time to reach you.

Is there a limit on the maximum investment amount? The maximum deposit amount on the online platform is 0.9 BTC, and for anything exceeding that, kindly use our contact form to make an inquiry. Please provide your phone number along with the preferred time to reach you. For amounts greater than 10 BTC, a legal contract will be required to be signed between you and our trading broker company located in NYC.

To invest with us, simply select the investment plan, and you will be directed to the payment page. After completing the payment, kindly provide us with the BTC address where you wish to receive your payment, along with the Transaction ID from the payment sent to us. For security purposes, we do not have a login page that displays transaction details. Our website is completely secure and equipped with an SSL security certificate, a robust anti-DDOS system, and top-notch anti-hacking software. Nevertheless, login pages are prone to vulnerabilities, and we cannot afford to take any risks. We prioritize security over everything else. Would you like to read about some hacking incidents? Here are the top 5 biggest Bitcoin hacks ever. Additionally, there is a new cryptocurrency heist worth $530 million that may be the biggest ever. We prefer to err on the side of caution. We do not store information online, nor do we utilize online wallets or payment systems. You simply make the deposit and receive payment, which is a simple and hack-proof process.

If you’re looking to buy cryptocurrency, there are several reputable platforms to consider. Coinbase is a popular choice in the Americas for purchasing cryptocurrency with a debit card. For those in Europe, BitPanda is a great option. Binance, Kraken, and Gemini are also well-known and trusted platforms for buying and selling cryptocurrencies. Another option is LocalBitcoins.com, which allows you to buy cryptocurrency quickly with cash or wire transfer. When making any transaction, it’s important to prioritize security. While our site is safe to use with SSL security and anti-DDOS and anti-Hacking systems, we still recommend caution when it comes to logging in and sharing transaction details. To ensure the utmost security, we don’t store information online or use online wallets or payment systems. Instead, you can simply send a deposit and receive payment, keeping things simple and hack-proof.

Our lending program to the general public has been designed to enable us to generate profits at a faster and easier rate by increasing our capital. By investing in any of our plans, you are entitled to receive your investment back plus the profit, without us holding your initial investment. For instance, if you invest 1.00 BTC in the third Plan, you will receive 1.3 BTC in just 2 hours. It is important to note that your investment is secured by a portion of our capital that has never been traded, so even in the unlikely event that a trade goes wrong (which has never happened), you will still receive your investment and the profit.

Investing in Ethereum and Bitcoin Cash is subject to the same conditions as investing in Bitcoin on our platform. For any inquiries related to these currencies or any other matters, please do not hesitate to contact our support team at support@crptix.com team@crptix.com help-center@crptix.com

Social Responsibility

Sustainability initiatives

Our company is always working to reduce carbon emissions or to implement sustainable practices. This could include using renewable energy sources, reducing waste, or using environmentally friendly products.

Diversity and Inclusion

We offer a range of initiatives to promote diversity and inclusion in the workplace or to support underrepresented communities.

Community Involvement

Our company participates in initiatives to support the local community. This could include volunteering, charitable donations, or supporting local businesses.

Employee Benefits

Our company offers a range of benefits and initiatives to support employee well-being, such as mental health resources, flexible working arrangements or employee volunteer programmes.

Our company supports our social responsibility efforts and commitments to making a positive impact and building a better future for all.


Crptix’s unique selling proposition (USP) lies in their ability to provide a reliable and efficient solution for multiplying cryptocurrency assets through their cutting-edge technology and software. Unlike other competitors in the industry, crptix offers a real opportunity to increase cryptocurrency assets without the need for additional mining hardware.

With crptix’s developed technologies for mining, investors can obtain all necessary software from the company and mine from the comfort of their own home or company. Crptix’s reliable encryption multiplier truly works as it should, making it a standout option for those looking to increase their cryptocurrency assets.


Help Center

Visitors to the Help Center page can choose from multiple ways to contact us, including an email address, physical address, and contact form. This variety of options provides a convenient and accessible way for visitors to get in touch with us for any reason, whether it's to ask a question, request support, offer feedback, or for any other purpose.

What people say?

Customers reviews

"I was skeptical at first, but after trying out crptix's encryption multiplier, I was pleasantly surprised. The software worked smoothly and efficiently, allowing me to multiply my cryptocurrency in no time."
Maria Garcia (Spain)
"As a beginner in the world of cryptocurrency, I was looking for a reliable and easy-to-use mining software. Crptix exceeded my expectations, providing me with all the necessary tools to start mining from the comfort of my home."
Muhammad anir (Pakistan)
"I've tried many mining software before, but none of them worked as well as crptix. Their developed technologies for mining and obtaining software really make a difference, and I was able to multiply my cryptocurrency in a matter of days."
Svetlana Ivanova (Russia)
"If you're serious about cryptocurrency mining, you need to try out crptix. Their mining hardware is top-notch, and their software is easy to use and incredibly effective. I've been using it for a few months now and have seen significant returns on my investment."
Hiroshi Nakamura (Japan)
"I highly recommend crptix for anyone looking to get into cryptocurrency mining. Their software is user-friendly and their customer support is top-notch. I had a few questions about the software, and they were able to help me out right away."
Fatima Ahmed (Egypt)
"I've been searching for a reliable company that sells mining machines and graphics cards for a while, and I finally found Crptix. Their selection is unbeatable, and their prices are very competitive. I've purchased a few machines from them and have had great success with my mining operations."
Fernando Torres (Mexico)
"As a cryptocurrency investor, I understand the importance of having a reliable mining setup. Crptix offers everything I need to mine cryptocurrency from home, including top-quality mining hardware and user-friendly software. I highly recommend them."
Alice Wong (China)
"I was hesitant to get into cryptocurrency mining because of the high costs involved, but Crptix made it easy and affordable. Their graphics card sales and mining machine sales agents helped me set up a profitable mining operation, and their encryption multiplier software is a game-changer."
Max Mustermann (Germany)
"I've been using Crptix for a few months now, and I have to say that I'm impressed. Their customer service is excellent, and their mining machines are top-notch. I've seen a significant increase in my cryptocurrency holdings thanks to their products."
Emilio Rodriguez (Argentina)
"If you're looking to get into cryptocurrency mining, you need to check out Crptix. They have one of the largest mining machine markets in the world, and their software and hardware are second to none. I've recommended them to all of my crypto-investor friends, and they've all been very happy with their purchases."
Isabella Rossi (Italy)
"I've been searching for a reliable way to double my bitcoin investments, and CRPTIX's currency multiplier was the answer. It was easy to use, and I saw a significant increase in my holdings in no time. Plus, the referral program was an added bonus - I was able to earn even more by bringing in new investors."
Ahmed Al-Farsi (Saudi Arabia)
"I was skeptical about CRPTIX's currency multiplier at first, but after trying it out, I was pleasantly surprised. It's easy to use and very effective. Plus, the referral program is a great way to earn even more bitcoin. I highly recommend it."
Thiago Silva (Brazil)
"If you're looking to double your bitcoin investments, you need to try out CRPTIX's currency multiplier. It's easy to use, and the returns are impressive. Plus, the referral program is a great way to earn even more bitcoin. I've been using it for a few months now and have seen great results."
Sophie Dubois (France)
"I've tried other bitcoin investment platforms before, but none of them compare to CRPTIX's currency multiplier. It's easy to use and very effective. Plus, the referral program is a great way to earn even more bitcoin. I've already referred a few friends and family members and have earned a significant amount of bitcoin through the program."
Niamh Murphy (Ireland)

Crptix offers a trustworthy encryption multiplier, allowing instant mining with their software and hardware from the comfort of your home or office.





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